Sudbury Law is a central Florida law firm primarily serving the greater Orlando metropolitan region. The firm was founded by attorney Adam H. Sudbury based on the principle that individuals and families who come into contact with the legal system should have access to affordable, competent, and reliable legal representation when they need it. Our objective is to offer legal services in all major areas of the law typically required of individuals, families, and small businesses. We are currently representing clients in the areas of: (a) civil litigation; (b) family law; (c) foreclosure defense; (d) appeals; and (e) criminal defense. We also serve as local counsel for out of state lawyers and law firms in litigation in the central Florida courts.

We believe that the practice of law should be a partnership between the attorney and the client, where the client and his or her objectives are the central focus of the representation. In addition, we also hold to the principle that access to competent legal services should not be restricted solely to the wealthy. To achieve these objectives, we commit to the following guiding principles: clients are entitled to have a direct, personal relationship with their attorney; phone calls and e-mails should be answered or returned promptly; clients should be fully informed about the status of their case; clients should have input into every major tactical or strategic decision in their case; the cost of legal representation should be minimized consistent with case requirements; clients should be treated with dignity and respect; and clients should be offered flexible and affordable payment or financing options when necessary.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your particular legal needs. Whether you have questions about your options in foreclosure, wish to consult about appealing an adverse judgment, have a family law planning or litigation matter, or whether you or a family member or friend have been charged with a crime, it would be our honor and pleasure to assist you.